Ride the cosmos

Starring: Heather Leech,

Keith Leech, Bryan Follins

A Shadowvectors Production

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A dimension traveler works for an agency and tracks special beings. No dimension is too large for Finny, who has big ideas of her own. Ride the Cosmos is an adaption of the story, Ride the Cosmos by Bryan Follins. It stars Heather and Keith Leech. Ride the Cosmos is a Shadowvectors Production, created and produced by Bryan Follins. Copyright 2020 Bryan Follins.

Episode One: The Pickup...Finny gathers her target. The more she learns about her

mark, the more she learns there is more than meets the eye. Click the audio file 

below to listen and enjoy.

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Tales of AntiClaus

Featuring Anjelica Jayes as Infinity (pictured)

Introduction by Lucretia Bell

An adaptation of the short story, The

Tales of AntiClaus, from the ebook of

short stories, The Human Race, Vol 1,

by Bryan Follins.  Episode one podcast below



The is is the third rendition of the AntiClaus series. This time, it is a podcast series. Written, produced, and edited by Bryan Follins. Copyright 2020 Bryan


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